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2022 Twenty-Fourth Annual Conference

June 16, 2022 June 17, 2022

Emory University School of Law

Atlanta, Georgia United States

Conference Program

The 2022 LCH conference considers topics broadly related to law and legal studies. In addition, our theme this year is:

Unsettling Law

Law often resides in the pull between what is settled and what is not. Precedent guides us until it does not. Law’s stability is in constant conversation with its own necessary responsiveness as well as with what troubles it from outside of legal institutions. Disobediences, whether civil or not, have the power to unsettle what is taken to be settled. And forces like climate change pose challenges to settled law by destabilizing what may make obedience and order possible at all. Law continually expands the range of persons it recognizes, for better or worse, while it claims across all changes that it serves the interests of all. Borders exclude but remain permeable, and we argue about what is owed to others regardless of their citizenship status. States claim sovereignty and face refusals from other sovereignties within their borders. Even settler colonialism is a process rather than an outcome, so what is settled and what remains open to different futures may be contested. How do and should we imagine law in these unsettled times? What creative forces might we bring to bear in these moments between past and future, whether for unsettling what ought to change or stabilizing what is endangered? How might different disciplines, methodologies, arts, literatures, and technologies represent, reinforce, or resist unsettling law? We invite proposals taking up that question from a variety of humanities-oriented perspectives.

Attendance Options

The conference will emphasize the LCH tradition of in-person conversation while making some panels available for those who wish to participate virtually. Rather than hosting hybrid panels, there will be one full session dedicated to online panels each day of the conference. Virtual attendees can view these, and there will be public viewing rooms at the conference so that attendees can engage in conversation with each other and the virtual panelists. We will also host three plenary sessions that will be available in person as well as streaming online. Some of the in-person panels will be streamed during the sessions that aren’t online-dedicated. Information to plan your trip to Atlanta is available here.

Conference Registration

  • Membership in LCH is required to register for the conference and must be purchased before registration.
  • A 50% refund will be issued in the event that a participant has to cancel their registration.
  • All conference attendees are required to read and respect LCH’s COVID policy.

Registration process

Make sure to become a member before you register!

Conference Fees

The fees for in-person participation in the Conference are:

Graduate students and post-doctoral scholars$35
Income less than $75,000$125
Income between $75,000-$99,999$155
Income between $100,000-$124,999$210
Income $125,000 and over$260

The fees to participate remotely are:

Graduate students and post-doctoral scholarsFree
Income less than $75,000$50
Income between $75,000-$99,999$75
Income between $100,000-$124,999$100
Income $125,000 and over$150

Graduate Workshop

The LCH Graduate Workshop will be held at Emory on Wednesday, June 15. We will circulate information about it soon. Any questions may be directed to lch@lawculturehumanities.com.

The workshop is designed for graduate students who are undertaking research that cuts across law, cultural studies, literature, philosophy, legal studies, anthropology, political science, and history, among others. The workshop is designed to afford graduate students the opportunity to experience the LCH community in a smaller venue with more sustained contact with one another and some faculty. The workshop also provides graduate students with an opportunity to discuss their research projects in a small group setting in anticipation of such things as job talks and publication. 

COVID Policy

As part of the registration process, you will be asked to confirm you have read our COVID policy and will honor it to the best of your ability.

  • LCH will require that those in attendance at the conference wear KN95 or comparable masks whenever they are in the conference venue. We will have a limited supply of masks available.
  • We ask that people attending the conference be vaccinated and boosted, and that attendees self-administer COVID rapid tests before attending the conference each day. We will not be requiring or verifying that people are vaccinated or tested.
  • Please do not attend the conference if you are symptomatic or test positive. If you should find that you have COVID soon after attending the conference, please let us know so we can inform the community of people who also attended.

ATlanta information

As of April 2022, 98.8% of students and 97.5% of faculty and staff at Emory are fully vaccinated, and 95% of students and 91.5% of faculty and staff are boosted. Emory maintains a COVID dashboard that offers information on COVID cases and prevalence at Emory and the surrounding counties.

Planning your Stay in Atlanta


The Hyatt is offering LCH attendees a promotional rate of $164/night (before taxes) for the evenings of June 15th, 16th, and/or 17th. The hotel has set aside a limited number of rooms at this rate. We therefore encourage you to book early to secure the rate. Book this hotel here.

Midtown, Atlanta, is a 15-20 minute drive from the law school. We encourage attendees to stay in Midtown so as to maximize opportunities for socializing outside of the conference. There will be shuttle service available from the Hyatt Centric Midtown (schedule available in program).

For those wishing to stay close to Emory Law School, there are two options:

  • The University Inn is a 3-star motel with reasonable rates directly across the street from the Law School. There are a few restaurants in nearby Emory Village (a 7 minute walk), but this is otherwise a quiet area with little nightlife.
  • The more expensive Emory Conference Center and Hotel is located one mile down Clifton Road from the Law School. It’s about a twenty minute walk to the Law School. There are a few restaurants in nearby Emory Point, but this complex, across the street from the CDC, is located in an otherwise a quiet area with little nightlife.

An additional option for lodging are the numerous hotels in Decatur Square in downtown Decatur, Georgia, which is a ten minute drive from Emory Law School. There are lots of hotels and restaurants surrounding the square, which is anchored by a MARTA subway stop.


Getting from the Airport to…

Midtown Atlanta

  • A rideshare typically costs $25-30 before tip.
  • Far easier and nearly as fast is to take MARTA. Trains leave the airport every 7-10 minutes throughout the day. One way fare is $2.50. Take a Gold or Red line train North to Midtown Station (approximately 22 minutes). The Hyatt Centric is a four minute walk from the subway station.

Emory University Area Hotels

  • A ride-share typically costs $30-40 before tip and is much easier and faster than taking MARTA.
  • It is possible to take MARTA, however: from the Airport station, take the Red or Gold line train North to Lindbergh Station (runs every 7-10 minutes) and transfer to a #6 Bus (runs every 40 minutes), which runs down Clifton Road, with stops in front of the conference center and the law school (total travel time is about an hour). One way fare is $2.50.

Decatur Square

  • A ride-share typically costs $30-40 before tip.
  • Easier but a bit slower is to take MARTA.  Take a Gold or Red line train North to Five Points Station. Transfer to a Blue line train East to Decatur Station. One way fare is $2.50.

Getting to the Conference from…

Midtown Atlanta (4.6 Miles away, 15-20 minute drive)

  • On June 16th and 17th, free shuttle service will be offered by LCH between the Hyatt and Emory Law School in the morning, at lunchtime, and at the end of the day.
  • A ride-share costs about $15 before tip.
  • MARTA’s #36 Bus runs from Midtown Station to the Law School every 40 minutes.
  • Georgia Tech and Emory operate a free shuttle every 90 minutes throughout the day that picks up at Midtown Station on its way to Emory (and drops off at Midtown Station on return trips to Tech). Drop off at Emory is at Clifton Rd. & Gatewood Rd., an 11 minute walk from the law school. Pick up at Emory is Woodruff Circle, a 7-minute walk from the law school.

Emory Area Hotels

  • The conference center is a twenty-minute walk to/from the law school. The University Inn is a one-minute walk to the law school.
  • Emory’s free CCTMA shuttle provides regular free service connecting the Conference Center and the Law School.

Decatur Square (2.5 miles away, 10-minute drive)

  • A rideshare typically costs about $10-12 before tip.
  • MARTA’s #36 Bus runs from Decatur Station to the Law School every 40 minutes.
  • Emory’s free CCTMA shuttle provides regular free service connecting Decatur Square and the Law School.