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2023 Twenty-Fifth Annual Conference

June 22, 2023 June 23, 2023

University of Toronto School of Law

78 Queens Park
Toronto, Ontario M5S 2C5 Canada


Conference registration is now closed.

The 2023 LCH conference considers topics broadly related to law and legal studies. In addition, our theme this year is:


The last few years have been marked by palpable absence: the absence of face-to-face encounters, shared meals, shared lives; the absence of in-person study, of spontaneous meetings in hallways and coffee shops — a seemingly interminable stretch of missed experiences and encounters. As we come back together and restart our offline lives, we carry the absences and missed opportunities of the recent pandemic with us. Absence signals both a void and a clearing: a call for us to be present once more to ourselves and each other. In some instances, we know what we have missed; at other times, we find ourselves surprised and undone by what we have not realized has been missing all this time. To dwell on this absence is not only to live in a state of lament or regret; it is also to imagine the possibilities that arise when we attend closely to what has been missing.

In this spirit of absence as loss and potential, we invite papers from across the disciplines that consider law in relation to absence. How might we conceive of law in the absence of justice, or imagine jurisprudence in the absence of precedent? What juridical potential arises in a moment of crisis and deprivation? What does law miss in entering these moments—and how might law’s missed encounters bring into relief the gaps in the interstices of contemporary culture? What does law miss—and what does it engage—when it serves as a source of social meaning and remediation?

Attendance Options

Our twenty-fifth annual conference will emphasize the LCH tradition of in-person conversation. While we encourage participants to join us in Toronto, we recognize that in-person attendance may be prohibitive for some. To that end, we will also accept submission of virtual panels. Since we will not be providing technical support for virtual participants, panel chairs will be responsible for providing Zoom links that will be listed in the program. All plenary sessions will be available in streaming online as well as in person.

Conference Program and Schedule

The final 2023 conference program (PDF), schedule (online), and quick-view grid (PDF) are now available! Check out the exciting panels happening in Toronto this year!

Conference Registration

  • Membership in LCH is required to register for the conference and must be purchased before registration.
  • A 50% refund will be issued in the event that a participant has to cancel their registration.
  • Registration must be completed online before the conference. There will be no on-site registration.
  • As part of the registration process, you will be asked to confirm you have read our COVID policy and will honor it to the best of your ability.


Registration is now closed.

Conference Fees

The fees for in-person participation are

Graduate students and post-doctoral scholars$35
Income less than $75,000$125
Income between $75,000-$99,999$155
Income between $100,000-$124,999$210
Income $125,000 and over$260

The fees to participate remotely are

Graduate students and post-doctoral scholarsFree
Income less than $75,000$50
Income between $75,000-$99,999$50
Income between $100,000-$124,999$50
Income $125,000 and over$50

Fees for in-person participation will increase by $50 after 1 June, except for graduate students and post-doctoral scholars.


We are informed that the discount for the Anndore has now expired; they may still have rooms available, but at a non-discounted rate.  Several other options still remain:

There are a limited number of rooms available at the Chelsea; please act quickly for this option, by using this link for booking and confirmation (approx. $210-250 Can. per night).

Rooms at Massey College remain available to all conference participants until they run out:  for a private room, single bed, the cost is $100 (Can.)/night (washroom down the hall, shared with 2-3 other rooms).  Massey is about 5 minutes from the law school, and it includes breakfast.  https://www.masseycollege.ca/summer-residence-programme/

Rooms at University College are available only to students currently registered at Canadian universities:  to reserve a room at University College, which offers accommodations at $40-55/night, you must register via StarRez. Select “University College.”  You can create a StarRez ID here.  It is also about 5 minutes from the law school.

Graduate Workshop

The LCH Graduate Workshop will be held at University of Toronto on Wednesday, June 21, 2023 (the day before the annual meeting begins). Any questions may be directed to lch@lawculturehumanities.com.

The workshop is designed for graduate students who are undertaking research that cuts across law, cultural studies, literature, philosophy, legal studies, anthropology, political science, and history, among others. The workshop is designed to afford graduate students the opportunity to experience the LCH community in a smaller venue with more sustained contact with one another and some faculty. The workshop also provides graduate students with an opportunity to discuss their research projects in a small group setting in anticipation of such things as job talks and publication.