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2024 Twenty-Sixth Annual Conference

May 17 May 18

University of British Columbia

2329 West Mall
Vancouver, British Columbia V6T 1Z4 Canada


Conference registration is now open.

Call for Papers

Every year, the Association holds it annual conference, usually a two-day affair, as well as a graduate student workshop, usually held on the day before the annual conference.

Senses of Law

Law is heard, seen, experienced, felt, and understood in many ways. This year’s theme invites submissions on legal senses, sensibilities, and sensations. What satisfies “the sense of justice”? What makes for a legal sensation? How does law depend on, appeal to, or defy common sense(s)? What are the different sensibilities that law creates, cultivates, challenges, and ignores? How do the meanings that law takes for granted, or brings into being, fall differently on different ears?

Submission Guidelines

The deadline to submit proposals has now passed.


The twenty-sixth annual conference will emphasize the LCH tradition of in-person conversation. While we encourage participants to join us in Vancouver, we recognize that in-person attendance may be prohibitive for some. To that end, we will also accept the submission of virtual panels.

Since we will not be providing technical support for virtual participants, panel chairs will be responsible for providing Zoom links that will be listed in the program. All plenary sessions will be available streaming online as well as in person.

Attendance Options

Unfortunately, LCH is unable to offer funding support for travel, accommodation, or conference registration costs. Those for whom travel to Vancouver might be prohibitively costly or logistically challenging are warmly encouraged to consider submitting a proposal for an online session. Participants who require a letter of invitation in order to secure a visa to attend the conference are encouraged to reach out to Daniel Kennedy at lch@lawculturehumanities.com.

Contact Information

In case of any query drop us a message at lch@lawculturehumanities.com.

Conference Registration

  • Registration is now open, and will close on 10 May. As in previous years, registration will increase by $50 (graduate students are exempt from this late fee) one week before registration closes. In a new approach for the 2024 conference, please note that accepted presenters must register for the conference by 24 April, 2024. Those who do not register by this date will be dropped from the program, to guard against last-minute shifts in panel personnel. Participants who do not appear on the program are welcome to register online up to 10 May.
  • LCH membership is required to register for the conference and must be purchased before registration.
  • Please note: there will be no on-site registration at the conference.
  • Covid Policy: We at LCH remain committed to providing an accessible conference experience. Given loosening protocols in Canada, we have chosen to continue including virtual panels and attendees. Mask wearing is optional for in-person attendees, and we encourage presenters to be in touch with their co-panelists once the program has been finalized regarding decisions around masking during the panel. Please recall that LCH 2024 panels must be either fully online or fully in-person; we are not equipped to support hybrid sessions.


Accepted presenters must register for the conference by 24 April. All other participants must register by 10 May.

Make sure to become a member before you register.

Conference Fees

The fees for in-person participation are

Graduate students and post-doctoral scholars$35
Income less than $75,000$125
Income between $75,000-$99,999$155
Income between $100,000-$124,999$210
Income $125,000 and over$260

The fees to participate remotely are

Graduate students and post-doctoral scholarsFree
Income less than $75,000$50
Income between $75,000-$99,999$50
Income between $100,000-$124,999$50
Income $125,000 and over$50

Fees for in-person participation will increase by $50 after 3 May, except for graduate students and post-doctoral scholars.